We are an independent strategy and business advisor for project-finance and trade-related credit-insurance solutions with more than 30 years of experience

Our aim is to support our clients growing up their business in latin america with a team of highly experienced professionals in structured finance, credit insurance, project-, contract- and risk management.

Our proven methodology, processes and experience provide our clients an end-to-end support, helping them to successfully expand their business and achieve their goals.
Our reputation has crossed international borders.


At PMA, we take the time to understand what makes your business and organization unique. By speaking your and your customers language, we can quickly access your business requirements and develop a tailored financial and insurance plan.


Our analysis starts with the understanding and verification of your investment requirements.


The main building blocks for the creation of an individual project-finance concept are based on your strategic investment & finance plan. All requirements and investment options are taken into account for the design of your future finance solution.

Why do small & medium sized enterprises (SME's)
need a special support when it comes to internationalization?

SMEs businesses often succeed because they are unique.
Because the challenges they face are unique too, they need a special type of support.

Political and structural changes among banks, insurers, changes in statutory supervisory conditions as well as an increasingly greater variety in the range of financial products make it necessary for companies to play an active role in the design of their financing structure, while at the same time purposely incorporating the expectations of the respecting financing partners.

The main target is to fit all relevant requirements with a minimum of financing costs.

Our key customer services

  • Global trade & export finance

    We offer our clients Project-Finance Advisory with focus on investments to Latin America by incorporating a wide variety of proven instruments and partners.

  • International legal support

    We offer a network of international law specialists with a strong track record in cross-border projects helping our clients to sustain hard-fought position or entering new markets.

  • Country information for investors

    We provide our clients with up to date comprehensive and tailored information: Starting from an overview of the economic infrastructure, the target economic region, and possibilites of local governmental programs.

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